Welcome to My Blog

I am starting this blog mostly for myself to write about my experiences and how they relate to loosing my little brother. I am hoping to inspire others to pursue there dreams and pick up a hobby they never thought they would be good at. My running is my sanity and I love it. I love learning from the experienced runners around me and hope to share useful tips and advice for all beginning runners and anyone interested in running.

My Running Story: Growing up I hated running (really I did). I was that girl in gym class that was huffing and puffing to finish the required 13 minutes mile. You can even ask my gym coach Mrs. Squire. I am so jealous of all of the runners I meet that have ran their entire lifes, they are truly inspiring. Anyway, my entire life I HATED to run. So what changed? On October 27th 2009 my life turned upside down. My best friend in the entire world, the only person I felt like I could truly relate to was killed in a tragic car accident. After Trevor passed away I needed an outlet, I needed something to do to keep my mind occupied. Trevor has now been gone for one year. This last year has been hard, and I have learned many important life lessons. I am dedicating this blog to my baby brother and hope that anyone following can gain some sort of inspiration. I have so many exciting stories to share and I am excited to get started.