Meet Jeffrey

JEFFREY¬†was runner #6 on team DAAYNG and had one of the hardest legs of the entire 12 person group. He ran a total of 18.1 miles and averaged 7 minute 30 second miles the entire race. Not only did Jeffrey run his own 18.1 miles he also ran with his wife Diane on her night run to keep her company and help her with her pace. Yes……that is right Jeffrey ran a total of 23 miles over a 24 hour period. Jeffrey has ran multiple marathons and is way more experienced than myself and probably anyone on team DAAAYNG!

So why am I intrigued by JEFFREY? Jefferey has MS. Jeffrey cannot walk. But Jeffrey can run. Once he starts running he is a machine and he cannot stop. At the end of Jeffrey’s legs we were always there to pick him up. You see when Jeffrey stops running he cannot stand. He either falls to the ground or keeps running. Jeffrey cannot walk up stairs, and he cannot walk well in general, but some how Jeffrey can run better than anyone I know. Everytime Jeffrey finished a leg I broke down in tears. He is truly inspiring to anyone who thinks they can’t do something in life.I did not get to know Jeffrey very well during our trip and I hope to hear his entire story someday. However in the short time I spent with Jeffrey he taught me an important life lesson. Jeffrey taught me that no matter what life deals us we must pick up the peices and keep going. Jeffrey taught himself to run against all odds, he truly is amazing. Now whenever I hit a wall with my running I think of Jeffrey and somehow I am able to keep going.”The greatest pleasure in life, is doing the things people say we cannot do.”