My New Motivation

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a fan of technology at all. Maybe it is because I would rather spend my money on clothes and shoes? I don’t know. I may have inherited this fear of technology from my fabulous parents Weldon and Sue. (they still own a type writer, and have no idea how to send or receive a text message.)Anyway, needless to say the i-pod I own would simply be a cute little black square with headphones attached if it weren’t for Julz and Brian putting music on it for me. And the closest thing to a GPS I own is my dog Izzy sniffing out her next location. I am that person that when the cable goes out, I sit and stair at the black screen until someone comes home to fix it. Yep I am that scared of technology……or maybe it is just easier to have people around me take care of it for me? Either way I am the last person to buy into the latest trend.Except when it comes to running. 2 weeks ago I was talked into buying a garmin running watch. Julia got her watch first and once I saw what it could do I was completely sold. This watch is literally amazing. I would have to admit that my running has improved immensely since I purchased my watch. So what does this magical watch do?

  1. The watch times my exact distance from start to end.
  2. The watch tells me my exact pace at all times.
  3. The watch tells me my average pace for the race (this alarms me when I need to speed up!)
  4. The watch beeps at every mile. When you are running 13.1 miles this feature is absolutely necessary.
  5. The watch has a virtual trainer that tells you to “get your ass in gear” if you are sucking it up. (ok so admittedly I have been too big of a wuss to try this feature yet but it is there. 🙂
  6. The watch tells you how many calories you burn.
  7. The watch tells you your pace per mi. (pretty important if you are like me and average a low pace of 5min and a high pace of 9min. The watch is helping me with my consistency but I still have a lot to work on.)
  8. The watch can plug into your computer and show you the exact course you ran. (including elevation change, turns, street addresses ect.)

Okay there is my publicity stunt. I honestly don’t know how I ever ran without this thing. If you are a beginning, intermediate, or advance runner I would highly recommend a running watch to help you with your training.