What in the heck is “Ragnar”?

Is the first thing my Dad asked me when I told him I was spending 100 dollars to run a 195-mile race. He literally thought I was crazy, and well quite frankly anyone that runs Ragnar is a little nuts.

RAGNAR-Is a true test of endurance! It is a relay race that goes all day and all night. Their are 12 people on the team and each team member runs three legs of the race adding up to about 200 miles. Running Las Vegas Ragnar was seriously one of the most exciting things I have ever done. What I like most about Ragnar is the “team” aspect. It is so fun to be apart of a group and to meet new people. The memories and friendships I made while running Las Vegas Ragnar will be unforgettable. TEAM DAAAYNG ROCKED!!!!

My first leg. I was runner number 9 and Lisle was handing the baton off to me. I was so nervous.

Running in to the exchange on my first leg. Our team was ‘fortunate’ enough to have two night legs of the race.

In the middle of the night waiting for Ken’s second leg. We are posing with our friend Charly the unicorn. Ragnar is such a crazy event, most teams have team names and dress in costume. I am not sure the name of the Unicorn’s team but WE CAUGHT THE UNICORN.!.!.!

Back to daylight. We did not get any pictures of my second leg because it was dark. This is part of my team waiting for Jeffrey to run in.

Lisle handing off to me for my last leg. Notice that there is no pictures of me finishing this leg because my team got lost. They missed the turn off and drove to the exchange after mine. Needless to say this added 40 minutes to our overall time, and I was stuck at my exchange alone.

The entire team at the finish. WE DID IT!!!Running Ragnar was such a fun experience and I am so glad I had the opportunity to run with the group I was with. All of the runner’s I ran with are experienced runners and it was so exciting to learn from them. They taught me so many things about running and I look forward to using all of their advice. The best thing about Ragnar was definetely the TEAMWORK! It did not matter how fast you were because we were all in it together, and having someone to cheer me on in the middle of my 6 mile battle made all of the difference.Thanks team “DAAAYNG” for such an awesome experience.