GU—-I first heard about GU from one of my favorite local weather anchors Debbie Worthin. (yes I watch channel 2 news every morning, don’t judge, at least I always know whats going on in the world.) Debbie was talking about GU on the show one day and how it saved her life when she ran her first half-marathon. She said when she first heard about GU her response was “why would I ever want to add calories to my diet?” Debbie’s response was the exact same as mine. Why in H-E-double hockey sticks would I want to add extra calories to my diet if they didn’t even taste good? Coming from a history of counting calories I thought this was absolutely the most bizarre thing I had ever heard.

Well I took the plunge and hopped on the GU train. I will admit that I would never even consider eating this thick slime unless I was deserted on a stranded island with no other source of nutrients…….But for running this thick concoction has saved my life. I may have been merely a pretty little decoration on the side of the road at the Halloween half if it weren’t for my GU. GU is made up of pure carbohydrates and gives you the boost of energy you need to complete a race. During the Halloween half-marathon I ate….swallowed…..spilled…..sucked up 3 GU packets. Yes that is right 330 calories of nothing but carbs. But seriously this stuff is magical and I now swear by it! I used to be so apprehensive to eat before and during races but GU is something my stomach can handle and it doesn’t slow me down. Give it a try, I promise you will be amazing just like I was.

I prefer the power Bar Gel packs because they are only .93 cents at Walmart and they are also not as thick but give me just as much energy.

I only posted this picture to show that they seriously make GU in every flavor. I can guarantee you however that it does not taste like ice cream. I have not tried this brand of GU but heard it is thicker than the Power Bar brand.