“Runners Body”

A couple of months ago my roommate made a comment to me that really made me think, she said: “I am never going to really look like a runner, I just don’t have a runners body.” This comment made me think about ‘stereotypes’ about what runners bodies should look like. I think we all have some type of pre-conception of what we think runners should look like. The picture below of Shalene Flanigan describes what I always pictured a female runner to look like.

I personally have dealt with body image issues a lot in the past and think that running has actually opened my eyes to the fact that body image truly doesn’t matter. Some of the best runners I have met are bigger boned, muscular, tall, short, thin, chubby—–My point is anyone can be a runner and body shape really does not matter.

I love this picture below because this describes exactly what I am trying to point out. The man on the left looks like he would pass out after running 2 feet. Being “skinny” does not make you a good runner. It is important to put the stereotype to rest that runners must be tall and thin. I am short and muscular and I am in better shape than I have ever been in my entire life.