Freeze your ass off 5k (better known as Turkey Trot 5k)

When I signed up for this race I was definitely not expecting it to be warm. I was however not exactly expecting it to be snot freezing 5 degree weather. I think at the height and finish of the race it may have reached 9 degrees at the most!!! I literally was so surprised to see that my ass was still attached to my body when I finished this polar ice party. I though for sure it had frozen off. Anyway needless to say I learned that to be a real runner you must learn how to run in any kind of weather. I do not like running in freeze your ass off weather, but I did it! I will definitely admit that this was not my favorite race. I am not sure why so I am going to blame it on the weather. For some reason I just could not get in a good groove and even had to stop and walk for a minute when I hit mile 2. I guess every race just can’t be your favorite. As much as I didn’t love this race I still did really well and set a person record for 5k’s finishing in 22:48.

I rocked a hospital mask that sick people wear. My analogy was that it would help me breath better because I would be breathing in my own air and not breathing in the bitter cold air. I think it worked for the most part, and people stayed away from me because they thought I was deathy contagious. Not a bad deal. 🙂

The start of the race. That is me right in the front. I think I’m cool and can stand in the front, but I’m really not that awesome. Everyone passed me right at the first. ha ha oh well.

Finally finishing. Halleluyah. I realize that is spelled incorrectly. (sorry amber and mom). But I was so happy to finish this race.

Me and Julia with our friend Kat. We were so lucky to run into her because there were over 600 people that ran this race.

Jonathan me and Julia with our prizes. Jonathon and Julia both rocked this race and I am so proud of them. I took 3rd place in my age group and was hoping for a pie but they made me take the 50 pound turkey instead. It is sitting in my brothers fridge until I figure out what to do with it.Overall this was honestly such a fun experience and it was so fun to have Julia’s brother Timothy and her dad Kelly there to support us. I think I learned a valuable lesson with this race. I learned that it is okay to not love every second of every race. The most important thing really is finishing and having fun with friends. I am not going to quit running anytime soon, I still love it and know that the sky is the limit with my running potential.