Running on Empty

Today’s Workout:  20 minutes weights, 8 treadmill miles, 64 minutes.***

I have a confession to make.  I do not like grocery shopping and haven’t been to the grocery store in three and a half weeks with the exception of one trip maybe 2 weeks ago to buy apples and cottage cheese.  Heaven forbid I go 2 minutes without cottage cheese.

Don’t worry yourselves I have definitely been eating.  Believe me I am THAT girl that does not miss a single meal.  Hungry or not if it’s meal time I’m eating!  I’ve been living off of my Mom’s leftovers from Sunday dinner, supplementing with canned fruit, eating way more pb&j sandwiches than I wish to share, and maybe stealing a bag of chex mix and twizlers from my Ragnar van. 🙂 

This little “grocery free” stint has actually become a good thing because I have been forced to make up meals and use things in my freezer and pantry I would have never touched if I had fresh groceries.  I have also saved some money along the way which I am not complaining about.

I planned to face the Walmart death march yesterday for Tuesday double couponing day (do you guys know about double couponing day at walmart?) but I was instead forced to watch a 1 year old be tortured by a white coat wearing Monster. 

2 hours, 5 shots, 999 tears (half of those tears from me), and 1 Doctor thinking me and my sister were lesbians (sisters hubby couldn’t make the apt and it took 3 people to hold down the giraffe sized toddler) later I was way to traumatized to face the crazy walmart lines.

Today I finally decided that I simply cannot eat another can of peaches or another pb&j sandwhich so it is the day I will finally face the dreaded grocery store. 

That is where you all come into play.  I am incredibly bored with my same old foods (cottage cheese, yogurt, turkey sandwiches, grapes, granola bars, potato chips, & twizlers) so tell me something awesome that you have been eating lately that I must buy today?

Hate grocery shopping or love it?

It totally depends on my mood because sometimes I love it but definitely not lately.

Ever try the “see how long I can go without buying groceries” game?

You should try it because you will be surprised at what you can find lurking in your pantry.

Ever buy things you don’t need just because you have a stupid coupon?

Yes way to much and this is why I have a love/hate relationship with coupons.