“Your Feet Hurt Cause Your Kicking Ass!”

Today was a race day and not just any race day but my 4th consecutive weekend of racing in a row!  I whole heartedly admit that I have a problem.  But I just love it!  Anyone know a good therapist that could walk me through this addiction?

This race was to support cancer, and my employer was sponsoring it, and there was just no way I was turning it down.  My legs may be hating me but it was a beautiful morning and a great race for a great cause.  I’ll deal with the pain later right?

Full re-cap to come soon.  But the results are in:

Garmin Time:  1:32:57, 13.22 miles, 7:02 average pace, 3:29 max pace? (um is that even possible?)
Official Results: 1:33:02, 7:06 average pace, 2/79 age group.
Congrats to everyone who ran this race today!  I am especially proud of Ashley, Julia, and Rochelle.  You ladies rock, and cheers to kicking cancers ass!!