Love at First Stride

It feels good to back in the bloggosphere.  I was out of town all weekend and can’t wait to catch up on everything that’s been going on while I was gone.  Friday I headed up north to Logan to take Dillon home and visit my Grandmother that has been in the Hospital.  I am so so sad to see Dillon go and really am going to miss his face!

Seriously love this kid so much and had so much fun while he was staying with me.  He brought so much joy to my life and I am going to miss him like crazy. ***

Workout Re-caps

For being out of town a lot over the weekend I sure worked out like a mad women and hit my first 60 mile running week since April.  I had great runs this week and feel like I am really progressing and learning a lot with my running right now.

Friday:  15 miles long run.  This was my furthest run since the marathon and I was nervous.  It is also the furthest I have ever ran alone without a group or in a race.  I ran 11 miles from my house in Payson so my sisters house in Palmyra and then my sister ran with me into Springville and then back to her house.  My average pace for the first 11 miles was 7:47, and overall pace was 7:57.  It was such a great run and a confidence booster I really needed.

Saturday:  Ran 2 miles from my grandma’s house to the golds gym in Logan.  Lifted weights for 30 minutes and then ran 5 more miles on the treadmill.  The treadmill miles were torture so I wussed out and instead of running home I called my dad to come pick me up.  Later that night I decided to break out my new racing flats and it was seriously heavenly.  They are so comfortable I almost fell asleep in them and they made running feel effortless and like I was flying.  I ran the best 3 miles I have ran in such a long time and came home on cloud nine.

Sunday:  Ran a quick 2 miles in the racing flats before I headed out to my Grandparents house for church and Sunday Dinner.***
I spent the rest of the afternoon hiking, exploring, eating, and relaxing with my cousins and my family.  I love Sundays!
Want to know the no gym and no sweat secret to my sisters amazing arms?

Produce a 25lb 1 year old.  You try packing this load around all day and see what it does for your arms.  Good thing he is totally worth it.

On our way up to the cave.

The awesome view of Eureka from the top.

We made it!

The view from the cave.

And since it is my blog I must end with a hideous picture of myself. 🙂

That pretty much sums up my last three days.  It was a fabulous weekend spent entirely with family.  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I can’t wait to catch up.

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

I would have to say my awesome 15-mile run takes the cake.

Ever tried racing flats?

I shouldn’t speak too soon…..but I seriously am IN LOVE.

Have you ever been inside a cave?

I didn’t go inside of the cave today but I had a hard time getting my cousin Sydney out.  She was obsessed!