Shake That Thang & Tag I’m It

Today’s Workout:  20 minutes weights, 9 mile tempo run, 70 minutes.***

I found the quote below on my new obsession Pinterist and loved it and had to share.  Such a great reminder to all of us who get down about not being fast enough or good enough.

 We may not have great runs or workouts every day but no matter what we are always doing more then those people sitting at home wallowing in self pity and crying into an empty bag of potato chips right?

Okay so I may still cry when the potato chip bag is empty but at least I got my workout in before hand!  I can testify that working out in any form truly does relieve stress and improve quality of life.  No matter how fast or slow you go it doesn’t really matter.  Resist to compare yourself to others and get out there and shake what your Momma gave you! 

Wouldn’t it be fun to run a full marathon with laps around a couch?  he he I can only imagine how dizzy that would make me.***

So the practically famous Jim at 50 After 40(Seriously go check out his blog.  He is a great writer and a maniac that runs marathons like every other day) tagged me in the crazy new blogger craze going around.  Basically you can ask me anything and I am suppose to answer.  On a scale of 1-10 my life is probably an 11.9 when it comes to lameness.  But now is your chance, ask me anything you want to know. 

If you want to know how to procrastinate your bachelors degree until your 30, misspell every other word, and create 100+ grammar errors in one post then I’m your girl!  My Mom obviously dropped me on my head as a small child.

And to Tag 5 other bloggers to play along.  (Blogging is just a more mature and excepted form of Middle School. Promise.) 🙂
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Ask away!  I know a few of you asked questions on my giveaway post so I will be sure to include those in the answer segment.