Go Go Go GoTEIN Giveaway

Today’s Workout:  25 minutes weights (triceps & biceps), 8 miles running, 62 minutes***

I was contacted by Anna with Gotein awhile back to review Gotein and then host a giveaway for one lucky reader! 

Thank you Anna for this exciting opportunity.

I know a lot of you have heard a lot about gotein in the bloggosphere in the past few months so I will keep my review short.  To read all you want to know about gotein simply click HERE.  I personally spent a lot of time reviewing their site before trying out the product and the site is incredibly thorough and informative.
My first impression before trying or learning more about the product:

I DO NOT want to drink my calories, I’d rather eat a freaking kitkat.

Don’t I get enough protein from food without supplements?

My Review:

I really really honestly love this product.  I for one am terrible at re-fueling after workouts and eating breakfast in general and found Gotein to be a perfect supplement post workout.  My favorite part about Gotein is that it is low in carbohydrates, calories, and sugar yet high in protein providing 17 grams of protein per serving.  To put this into perspective 17 grams of protein is comparable to 3 hard boiled eggs (210 calories), or 5 tablespoons of peanut butter (470 calories).  So for just 110 calories I am getting not only 17 grams of protein but also 50% of my daily value of vitamins and minerals.  As a girl who struggles with taking a multivitamin I absolutely love the fact that gotein provides added vitamins and minerals in addition to protein.  My other favorite part about Gotein is definitely the fact that it is filling.  I drank it with a piece of fruit and a yogurt for breakfast and felt completely satisfied clear until my lunch break at 12:30pm.  (this never happens)

The Pro’s:

It is Easy Peasy –  For someone like me who leaves the house at 5:30am and returns home around 6pm this is incredibly important and I absolutely love the “on the go” idea!  Plus I am not the brightest tool in the shed and measuring out protein supplements blah, blah, blah just does not happen at my house so the pre-packaged portions are perfect.

It tastes great – If I am going to drink my calories they dam well better taste like a candy bar right?  I wouldn’t say it taste quite like a kitkat milkshake but it is pretty dang close.  I of course liked the chocolate the best. (It comes in 3 flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.)
It is filling – Probably my most favorite part about it is that it is satisfying and didn’t leave me feeling like I needed to eat an entire breakfast buffet.

The Con’s

Cost – The only con I can see is the price which comes out to $2 per serving.  However if click Here to order now they are offering one dozen packages for just $17.95 which comes out to $1.50 per serving.  Realistically I think this is a great deal.  I know that if you try to buy protein shakes at the gym for example they cost upwards of $3-6 dollars.

How to enter to win 6 free samples of this product to try out for yourself?

4 easy ways to enter!! The giveaway will end Wednesday July 27th

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