I’m Having an Affair & Q&A;

Yesterday’s Workout:  4 miles in my racing flats-33 min, 10 minutes ab work, 5.25 miles with 4×800 sprints-41 min .

Today’s Workout:  25 minutes weights (shoulders), 8.05 treadmill miles, 62 minutes.***

First things first, if you live in Utah please sign up for the Dash For Donation 5k/2k.  The event is on August 13th at 8:00 a.m. in Sugar House Park and I have created a team “Running For Trevor”.  We will be running in memory and honor of my Brother Trevor who was an organ donor.  I am also ordering team shirts for everyone who participates.  All proceeds go to support organ donation and it is such a fun and family friendly event.  To register click Here and use team name “Running For Trevor”.  Make sure to let me know if you sign up so I can get you a shirt.  We will all wear matching shirts in honor of Trevor and I know he will be smiling down at us.

Second things second, I am having an affair on blogger.  Eeee how dare me, I know!  After much hesitation I joined http://www.fastrunningblog.com/ and I am loving it.  Basically it is a training log and you can comment on other members training, read race reports, or just stalk Elite runners that you idolize.  I was incredibly hesitant to join at first because I though it was only for elite runners and I was not fast enough.  But I have learned that there are a lot of average joe’s out there and it has been a great resource for staying accountable for my training.  A lot of big time racers are on it and it is really fun to see how they train.  You can check out my training log here and play around for a bit and see if you are interested in joining.  It is completely free and another cool feature is that you can plug in any race (in Utah) and it will predict what you will run other Utah races in.  Based on my UV marathon time it predicts I can run St. George in 3:22!  Um awesome!  Okay go check it out and if you’re interested join!

Now to the boring part of this post.

The Answers to your burning questions about me. 

Have you always been super speedy as a runner or did you start off at a turtle’s pace?

I ran a 12:58 mile in H.S. 2 seconds under the 13 minute qualification to pass the class. 🙂 he he!  However when I started racing last year I was luckily naturally faster.  Since then I have added speedwork and tempo runs to continually ‘try’ to get faster.

Were you always active? If so, what sports have you played in the past?

Yes and no!  I was incredibly active as a kid and played basketball, soccer, and softball (soccer was my favorite.)  But in H.S. I was a lazy ass and sat around eating little debbie snacks and watching re-runs of Saved By The Bell.  I did drillteam for 2 years and volleyball for 1 but I was incredibly out of shape!

What is your diet like? You run tons of miles so I am curious as to what you eat to fuel on a regular basis.

I would define my diet as “normal” whatever that means. ha ha!  I would like to think I eat fairly healthy but I definitely splurge on the weekends and I don’t count calories.  You can read about my history of eating disorders Here.  In treament one important thing I learned was to use food for fuel and revolve my life around activities instead of food.  A day in the life might look like this:

Breakfast:  yogurt, apple, granola barLunch:  Turkey sandwhich, string cheese, pretzels, hard boiled egg and carrot sticksSnacks:  grapes, fruit snacks, cottage cheese, trail mix, candy bar, crackers, suckers!Dinner:  Meat, veggie, grain, (pork chops, rice, green beans.)Dessert:  Homeade cookies, popcorn, or fro-yo 🙂

Do you fuel during runs? What are your favourite types of running fuel (Clif Shots, Gu, etc)?

I generally fuel for runs over 8 miles and usually use strawberry Cliff shot blocks.  I try to eat 3 every 45 minutes.

When you weight train, do you do full-body workouts or are there specific muscles you focus on?

I am admittedly a newbie to weight training but I like to focus on 2 muscle groups at a time.  I usually lift 4 days a week and rotate biceps/triceps, back/shoulders, core, and legs.

Have you ever been injured/gotten injured from running? What was the injury and how did you get over it?

I am knocking on wood as I type this but No!  I did attempt the splits in the air on the trampoline in H.S. in front of my crush and I ripped out the crotch of my pants. That really injured my ego.  🙂  I deal with a little bit of runners knee but nothing serious.

What is your favourite way to cross-train?

Any sport like soccer, tennis, or basketball, and I love long walks on the beach. he he

If you could have one wish what would it be?

To spend one day with my brother.  That would be awesome!

Can you move to Toronto and be my best friend in real life?

Yes Christina I can!  Seriously though we should meet up in Seattle next year for RnR.

Do you like lifting free weights, or do you use the machines?

Definitely free weights!  I hate those @*$& machines.

What keeps you motivated?

Fitting in my jeans, Trevor, and my ambition to continually work to get faster and stronger.

Favorite childhood memory?

My childhood was seriously perfect and I loved every second of it and have so many favorites.  One favorite would have to be pushing Trevor around on his green sled.

What is your favourite type of run?

Definitely Tempo runs! 

What do you think about during your runs? Are you a constant Garmin/pace checker or do you listen to music and completely zone out?

I used to not be able to think at all because running was using all of my brain power but now I like to think about all sorts of crazy things.  I definitely zone out unless I am working on speed and think about life, goals, future plans, weird ideas. 

What are your upcoming races?

Speedy Spaniard on Monday, and Timpanogoes HM next Saturday.  I rarely have a weekend without a race in July, August, and September.

What is your favorite race medal?

I really like the Ogden medals from this year.

What is your favorite Hostess product?

Raspberry zingers!  Seriously so freaking good.

Tempo or track?

Definitely tempo!  The track gives me anxiety.

What is your favorite book?


What were some of your favorite things to do as a child?

I loved games!  Capture the flag, Red Rover, night games, and sleeping outside on the tramp.

What are some of your happiest memories of growing up?

Camping trips with my family, riding around with my Dad in his old truck, and being a cheerleader for Trevor’s pretend wrestling matches and basketball games.

What is your favorite song to get pumped up/motivated?

Love anything by the Black Eyed Peas, and I love G6 by Far East Movement

Do you use runs to think about everything going on in your life that day, or do you completely zone out?

Definitely both just kind of depends on the day.  I love to talk when running with others.  I love good conversations!

Whew!  That was exhausting. 

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*I apologize in advance for all of the spelling and grammer errors in this post!  It took me way too long to type, there is no way I am reading it again. ha!