Saturday Sightings

Today’s Workout:  17.5 mile run up the steep right hand fork of Hobble Creek Canyon and then back down.  It was a great run with Stephanie from Run Lil Mama Run.  Overall pace was 8:08 and it felt great to run long.  Thanks Stephanie for listening to me gab for half the morning.***
Today has been a day full of sightings.

I started my day out by seeing tons of runners and walkers out on the trails and even spotted my good friend Ashley running down the canyon with her friend Lindsey.  I love running past other runners and chatting and soaking in the atmosphere.  This is absolutely the best way to start a Saturday.

Then I saw a lot of sun, smiles, and spotted my nephew James ride his first alligator.

While at the water park I even spotted my good friends Megan and Ashley.

After some rest I took a ride up the canyon to the lake where I spotted lots of people fishing, the beautiful sunset, and the pure serenity of Payson canyon.

On the way home I even spotted a four legged creature. 

What did you spot today?

Do you like to talk to other runners and walkers when you pass?

Love it!  I think runners are the most friendly people around.

*I am behind on reading/commenting but I promise to catch up!