Speedy Spaniard 10k Re-Cap

Just another reason that everyone should move to Utah, the greatest State ever!!

Besides moving here to be my best friend and running along the mountains with me we also have special Holidays!  Yep, today is a state Holiday and an extra day off of work for me.  Yippee!  To celebrate the joyous occasion I started my day off with a local 10k.

Speedy Spaniard 10k in Spanish Fork Utah, only 7 miles from my house in Payson.  I hadn’t ran a 10k since early March and since my short distance running has been struggling with my increased marathon training my goal was to finish in 45 minutes and run consistently.  Although this is a ‘local’ race it is incredibly competitive and lots of amazing runners turn out for the event.

I met up with Julia and Nikki before the race start and then did a quick .75 mile warm-up.  Right at 6:30am the gun went off and it was off to the races.

Mile 1:  Mostly uphill.  I tried to stay calm and not get caught up in the hype.  7:20 pace
Mile 2:  Slightly downhill.  I tried to stay relaxed and controlled.  I felt really good.  6:54 pace.
Mile 3:  The course flattened out and I kept a good pace.  My mantra for this race was “Strong, Smooth, Fast.”  I literally repeated this over and over with every step.  7:06 pace.
Mile 4:  Felt tired for the first time and happy to be halfway done.  7:24 pace.
Mile 5:  Turned on my music and tried to get into a rhythm.  Stopped at the aid station and drank an entire cup.  7:24 pace.
Mile 6:  Ready to be finished but saw my sister at 5.25 miles.  I was happy to see her and she encouraged me to stay strong.  7:35 pace.

Mile 7 (.17):  Kicked it into gear and ran strong into the finish.  6:35 pace.
Overall Time:  44:29, 7:09 average pace, 17th place female and 4th in my age group.  I think there were about 275 females but not exactly sure.

Although I did not set a new PR I am incredibly happy with the way I ran.  I didn’t start out too fast and I felt really good the entire race.  I finished wondering if I should have pushed harder, but I felt great and knowing I have a half marathon coming up this Saturday I think I performed really well.  Me and my sister ran a 1.25 mile cool down after the race and enjoyed talking to friends and soaking in the race atmosphere.

So whats stopping you?  When are you moving to Utah?

Do you like the 10k (6.2 mile) distance?

Although it pushes me really hard I still think it is my favorite distance.  It is good to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and shorter races definitely force me to do this.