A freaking SLUG!

Today’s Workout:  25 minutes upper body weights, 9.5 treadmill miles.  Yee Haw!***

Well my long 3 day weekend was a success…………sort of…….

2 -trips to the pool I made (sufficiently fried to a crisp!)

1 race I ran

29 miles total I ran

0 times I got ready (Tempo shorts & t-shirts are the new sexy.  Put that in a bra and stuff it Victoria’s Secret!)

1 time I washed my hair (IN 3 DAYS???  I usually wash my hair twice a day Kelly Kapowski style.)

3 midday naps I took

5 times I was interrupted during my midday naps by the dogs

8 episodes of Teen Mom I watched (800 brain cells I lost during those 8 hours.)

In a nutshell I turned into a big ole freaking SLUG over the weekend.  I went from running, to the pool, to the couch, to my bed, to the fridge and repeat.  In all honestly I am not really regretting any of it because I needed a break.  A break from work and responsibility, a break from being super blogger commenter, and a break from reality.
It was a nice little sluggish break but now here I am back in reality. (funny how we can’t ever really escape it huh?)  Reality quickly reminded me that I have a boat load of sh*t to do. 

I am not normally a procrastinator but I am a pick the fun things on the list first and then when you complete them add more fun things and avoid the necessary things. 🙂 he he

Time to get my rear into gear and get some things done!
On the Agenda this week
– Design and Order shirts for the Dash for Donation
– Study for the Math placement exam
– Find a time to take Math placement exam
– Meet with a school counselor to finalize my fall classes
– Finish reports I have been putting off at work
There I wrote what I need to do on my blog and now you all will force me to follow through right?  Basically I need to quit procrastinating my education and “get er done”.  I really don’t mind school, I really just hate the cost, hate trying to get into classes when they aren’t offered online, and hate trying to find the time to deal with it when I’d rather be basking in the sun, or eating fro-yo, or twiddling my thumb.

What have you been putting off that you are going to accomplish this week?

What is your TV guilty pleasure?

Don’t lie and tell me you don’t have one!  For me Teen Mom, Big Brother, Jersey Shore, The Secret Life, and anything Kardashians!

Do you like otter pops?

My Mom wouldn’t let us have them as kids because they were too messy.  Clearly I am making up for it as an adult.