Timpanogos Half Marathon Recap

Before I get into the race recap I have to thank Nikki from The Worth of My Sole for featuring me as one of her Saturday Sole Sisters.  Head on over to her blog right now and check it out.  Nikki is truly amazing and I am continually inspired by her hard work and dedication.***

Now to try to Recap the race.  For starters this race was incredibly untypical for me.  Friday night I babysat my nephew until 10pm.  I ate a random dinner including some Gerber baby spicy cheeto puffs (don’t knock it until you try it) and didn’t even know what I was going to wear for the race until the next morning.  Typically I have my outfit picked out before I even sign up for the race. 🙂  I went to bed by 10:30 and did not even wake up one time until my alarm went off at 3:15.  I was so relieved that I slept well but was definitely in a scramble trying to get everything ready in the morning.

I met up with Julia, Becky, Alisha, Candice, and Stephanie at the buses at 4:15.  We hopped on the buses and headed up to the start.  I was feeling excited and just could not wait to start running.  Seeing the full marathons running on the way up was inspiring and I just so anxious to get going.  We got up to the top around 5:15 and headed up to the bathrooms.  It was still dark and there wasn’t much lighting but it wasn’t cold like I had anticipated.  I walked around a bit and chatted with a few familiar faces and about 15 minutes before start decided to start warming up.  This is when I couldn’t get my watch to turn on.  I panicked and kept pushing the button knowing it wasn’t going to change things.  I went from excited, optimistic, and energetic to mad, frustrated, and defeated.  I thought about aborting any plans of setting a PR and just running it as a training run but I knew that would just be giving up and I also knew I was capable of PR’ing without a watch.  So I threw my drop-bag into the bus and went to the start to line up.  I chatted with the 1:30 pacer at the start and decided I would just try to stick with him and see how it went.  The gun went off at 6am and it was off to the races. 

Since I don’t have splits for this race you will instead be entertained by my thoughts throughout the miles.  Get excited!

1-3:  “What was I thinking signing up for this race and what in the H-E-double hockey sticks made me think I would ever set a PR.  My legs feel heavy and I wish this were just a 5k or maybe just a 1 mile race, that would be great.  Maybe I should go hide in the woods and fake an injury”  I felt like I was running 10 times slower than at the start of the AF half.  Everyone was flying past me it seemed.

3-6:  “I love running!  Running is so much fun and it is such a beautiful day, I wish this were a 20 mile race.  That would be awesome!”  These miles flew by and since I had no idea what my pace was I just kept on running what felt natural.

6-8:  “I bet it’s going to really suck once I get out of the canyon.  I wonder who I should target and try to ask for a time?  I wonder if this triple caffeine GU is going to turn me into a superhero and make me fly to the finish?  I wonder if I can somehow take a shortcut and still get a PR?” These miles felt pretty good and I was excited to see the cheering crowd at the bottom of the canyon.  This part of the race was weird because I was literally all by myself.  How could there by 1300 people running this race and somehow I am all alone?  For a second I even thought I was going the wrong way.  At mile 8.5 maybe the 1:30 pacer went flying past me and this was the point I wanted to give up.

9-10:  Brian met me at mile 9 and I was a complete mess.

B:  “Yay you look great, your doing awesome.”
Me:  “Shut the hell up I look terrible and I am sucking ass.”
B:  “No you look good smile.”
Me:  “NO you don’t understand I think I’m going to die.” 
B:  “Just finish strong your almost there.”
Me:  “I’m not even close, I need you to follow me and probably give me a ride to the finish.”
B:  “It’s okay you can do it, do you want a 5 hour energy shot?”
Me:  “Yeah why not, it’s not like I’m going to catch the 1:30 pacer anyway.”
So I chugged the 5 hour energy and kept on going.  I grabbed an otter pop at mile 10 and just kept on plugging on.  I am positive that my pace slowed significantly but I really have no idea.

11-12:  “This really freaking sucks.  Why do I keep putting myself through this torture?  This will be my last race ever.  I freaking suck so bad at running I don’t even know why I try.”  At mile 11 I asked someone what the time was and he said 1:15 and told me if I ran 7 minute miles I could make 1:30.  Yeah easier said than done buddy.  I did not want to run that fast but somehow I just kicked it into gear (maybe it was the 5 hour energy. he he).  I sped up and told myself how awesome I was and cool it would be to set a PR despite all of my problems.

13-finish:  “Hey this isn’t so bad, I’m almost done.  I bet Trevor would be pretty freaking proud of me.”  I got over myself, ran hard and was shocked when I saw the finish line approaching so quick.  I sprinted to the finish and looked everywhere for a clock.  The clock wasn’t up yet and I had no idea what my time was.  I knew the 1:30 pacer was at least 2 minutes in front of me so I was just hoping to be under my previous PR of 1:33.

Talked to the 1:30 pacer and come to find out he finished in 1:28?  Um okay good job at pacing buddy.  Anyway finally found out the results and my time was 1:30:15.  I was so mad that I was 15 seconds off of sub-1:30 but still so impressed and excited about my time.

1:30:15, 6:52 average pace, 14th overall female and 4th in my age group.

Sorry for the super long recap but I just wanted to share a little bit of the roller coaster I go through as a runner with each race.  Overall this race was a lot of fun and I had a blast hanging out afterwards and cheering all of my friends in.  I am so excited to have set a new PR and know that I will break 1:30 this fall. 

Do you think I am a nut job or do you go through ups and downs similar to me during races?