She’s a Maniac

Okay let me preface this post by explaining that I am stubborn.  When I get an idea in my head it is really, really hard to talk me out of it.  Just ask my family.  
Earlier this week I came up with one of my “wild ideas”.  I had a lot of friends running the Hobble Creek Half marathon and my crazy (okay I admit I thought it was awesome) idea was to park my car at the golf course and run the 7 mile 1,200 foot elevation gain up to the start of the race and then run back down with the race.  I tried to talk someone into joining me for this journey but my friends and family were relentless telling me it was a crazy, stupid, idiotic idea. 

Ptssssh what did they know it was an AWESOME idea!

Before my adventure Friday night I met up with my awesome blogger friends at Yogurtland for fro-yo.  It was so great to see them and I seriously wanted to cry over the fact that the sweetest Ruth is moving.  wa wa wa!

After fro-yo I headed to watch my brother-in-law in a rodeo.  Rodeo’s are totally normal in Utah and my bro-in-law did great!  I forgot to get picture of the actual rodeo but here is what I got.  In a nutshell my pre-crazy run dinner consisted of fro-yo, star bursts, and Swedish fish.  Delicious!  I skipped out on the rodeo early and went home and headed straight to bed.

I slept great.  No pressure, I was just going to “have fun”.  Yes running up a mountain is considered fun to me and I know I should consult my physician about this problem.  Anyway I threw on my reflective vest and alone in the dark up the mountain I went.  It was pitch black the first 3.5 miles and I felt great and was pretty giddy about my little adventure.  Once I hit mile 4 a lot of buses started coming up and down the canyon (for the race) and this was a bit complicated but I kept plugging along.  I didn’t check my garmin once until I hit the top where the race started.  I was shocked to see 7.15 miles at a 8:10 pace.  I was pretty ecstatic and secretly wished I could have kept running up.  It was just so much fun.

I met up with my friends at the start and was prepared to pace my friend Ashley to a PR.  I ate a couple chomps, drank some water, and seriously just felt fantastic.  I just love running and being around runners.  I really need to seek counseling because my love for it is just a little weird.  Anyway the race started and we were off.  The race started late and I knew that the heat was going to be an issue.

Miles 1-3:  We worked way too hard to weave around people since there was absolutely no organization at the start and some of the slowest runner were in the front of the pack.  Anyway we finally settled into a 7:50ish pace and I felt good about that.

Miles 3-6:  This is where the magic happened and I ate pavement.  We were running smooth and I have no idea what happened but I fell HARD!  I’m not normally a clumsy runner so it was really weird but I didn’t skip a beat and got right back up and kept running.  Ashley was concerned but I just said “this is your race now lets get you back on pace.”  I knew I was scraped up pretty bad but whatever I would deal with it later.

Miles 6-9:  I decided to sprint ahead of Ashley in hopes there would be a first aid kit at the aid station and we wouldn’t sacrifice her pace.  I wasn’t in pain but I was bleeding pretty bad and just needed a bandaid.  I got to the aid station and they didn’t have a first aid kit or bandaids.  hmmm that was weird but oh well I decided I’d just deal with it at the finish.  We got back on pace and when we hit mile 7 Ashley started to slow.  We were hitting the uphill part of the course and the fast miles at the beginning were starting to get to her.  She ran consistent and didn’t stop and walk at all but our pace definitely slowed.

Miles 9-13:  We kept shuffling forward at a little bit slower than PR pace for Ashley.  I stayed in front of her and told her I was going to keep a 8:30 pace and for her to just keep me in sight.  I would stop at the aid stations and make sure she had water and then keep going.  I ran right next to her during mile 12 and 13 and she was dying but staying so strong.  She got a bad side ache and had to stop and walk for a bit at mile 12.  I felt awful for her because I could definitely relate to how she felt but I kept pushing her and would not let her give up.

She crossed the finish line right around 1:51 which was not quite a PR but was still a great time considering all of the circumstances. As soon as she finished I sprinted back into the race to find Julia.  I knew Julia would be coming soon and did not want to miss her.  I didn’t really care that I had already ran 20+ miles and I was bleeding I just wanted to be there for my friend.  It didn’t take me long to find her and I ran her into the finish.  She did awesome and I am so proud of her, Ruth, and everyone else that ran today.

After I grabbed some water and talked to a few friends I finally headed to the medical tent to get my bleeding arm checked out.  The medics kind of freaked out on me and told me I probably should have stopped running because it was a really deep cut.  Oh well I didn’t really care and didn’t have time to be stuck in the medical tent so I had them bandaid it up and off I went to congratulate my friends.

I was so so proud of all my friends and it was just such a great day.  My overall mileage came out at 20.66 with a 8:30 pace and I don’t think I could have asked for a better training run and a funner morning with great friends. 

*I know this is getting long and boring but as a funny side note.  When I finally got back to my car around 11am I had 13 missed calls from my family.  To say they were worried about my crazy idea may be an understatement. 

Oh and my Dad came up and cleaned up and butterflyed my wound for me.  I’ll spare you the bloody details but look at the awesome bandage job he pulled off.

So would I do it again?  Absolutely!  Running is all about the adventure and today was definitely an adventure I will never forget.  I loved every second of it….even the fall I guess. 🙂

Have you ever ate pavement at a race/run?  This was a first and hopefully last for me.  But I bet it was pretty funny to those people that saw it happen.  I aim to entertain! :):)