People. Freaking. Rock.

Today’s Workout:  15 minutes lower body weights, 9.25 mile tempo run.  3 mile warm up at 8 minute AP, 6.25 miles at 7:08 AP.***

Are you ever amazed by just how freaking awesome people are?  Sure the world is full of a few cruel, dishonest, lunatics but for the most part PEOPLE FREAKING ROCK!!

First off all of my readers, followers, and commenter’s FREAKING ROCK!! The comments you left me on this post seriously rocked my world.
My cashier at walmart yesterday freaking rocked.  I ran in quickly to grab a couple of items, one of them being a notebook for school. When I went to check out she told me I could price match and get 5 notebooks for .01 cent.  Seriously?  A complete stranger telling me about an awesome deal and then waiting for me to go get the extra notebooks?  That FREAKING ROCKS!!

My Mom and Dad freaking rock.  When I told them I was injured they showed up an hour later with the biggest first aid kit I’ve ever seen.  My Dad also called me twice yesterday just to check on me.  Oh and guess who stopped by again tonight just to check my elbow and re wrap it with my new Hello Kitty Bandaids?  My Dad because he FREAKING ROCKS!

My Sister bought me a swimsuit Saturday just because she thought it would look cute on me.  Seriously she FREAKING ROCKS!!

A girl I’ve never met before came up to me in the gym locker room today just to tell me I always have cute outfits and that she loved my dress.  That girl FREAKING ROCKS!!  She went out of her way to compliment a complete stranger and seriously made my day.  Considerate people rock my world.

And last but certainly not least the sweetest Ashley surprised me with a gift this morning for pacing her at Saturdays race.  Seriously girl?  It is your birthday and you brought me a gift?  You FREAKING ROCK!  Not only did she bring me a gift she brought me all of my favorites and Hello Kitty bandaids and neosporin for my battle wounds.  Go wish her Happy Birthday on her blog right now!




What has someone done for you lately that FREAKING ROCKED?