Need Your Help!

Today’s Workout:  10.6 miles outside, 7:38 pace.  I am very excited about this pace because it is the exact pace I need for my goal marathon time of 3:20!  I started out incredibly slow and ended faster.  Love that!***

Okay friends I really, really need your help.  Awhile back I applied for a spot on team Refuel and just found out last week that I was picked as a finalist.  For some reason my e-mail from Team Refuel went straight to my junk-mail so thank you Christy for letting me know!!

Here’s the catch.  The contest started August 15th and I just found out last Friday. So I am way behind and could use all of the extra votes I can get.  It is easy to vote.  Just click Here, type in my name, and vote for me.  You can vote every single day on multiple computers up until September 15th.  And if you really like me and think I deserve to win tell your family, friends, and co-workers to vote for me too!

If I win I will receive a $250 grant from team Refuel and this may just help me get to my ultimate dream…..the Boston Marathon!  Awww it would seriously be amazing!

Every time you vote for me come back and leave a comment on this post and the person who leaves the most comments/votes will win a “Running For Trevor” T-shirt.  Common you know you want one right?  Seriously these shirts are awesome and we got so many compliments on them the day of the Dash For Donation!  The saying on the back can be found here.

Okay now go vote for me right now!  Just bookmark the site and vote for me every day. 

While you visit the site make sure to read my bio and play a part in helping me achieve my dream of Boston just by voting!!

Okay now since you are doing this favor for me what can I do for you?  What would you like me to post about on the blog?  Running tips & advice, how I stay motivated to run a bazillion miles a week, how I get ready (blow drying my hair and all) in 15 minutes flat, what I eat, how long I sleep, whatever you want me to ramble about let me know!

Also go check out the awesome giveaway over at Always Training Trio!