Beat The Heat

Today’s Workout:  11 miles outside.  10 at 7:47 AP, 1 mile cool down with the pup 9:30 pace.  Hitting the gym tonight for some core and full body weights.***

First things first.  Go and VOTE for me right now for team refuel!  Click the link, type in my name (Rachelle), and keep on voting everyday from multiple computers!!***

Second things second.  There is a new awesome blog on the block.  Go check out ReRun Running as soon as you get finished reading my post.  These gorgeous girls both ran collegiately for BYU and they are talented and full of awesome running advice.  Seriously I did Jessica’s 4 minute ab routine last night and woke up looking like EMZ!***

Now as I prepare myself for my upcoming racing events I have realized that all of them share one thing in common and that one element is warm weather.  Like it or not it is still hot in Utah and inevitably Napa Ragnar, St.George Marathon, and Vegas Ragnar will all likely force me to be running in 90+ degree weather.
How I’m training to Beat The Heat?

1.  Acclimating my body to the warmer temps.  Typically I run early in the morning when temps are below 80 but the last few weeks I have added mid day runs to prepare my body for the heat.  Saturday I ran 3.6 miles with Nikki at 5pm (97 degrees) and Sunday I ran 4 miles starting at 11:30am (86 degrees).

2.  Wear lighter colored clothing that breathes well and is not constricting. This helps to keep me cool and also helps my body temperature drop easier post workout.

3.  Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!  Not only while I am running but before/after and throughout the day.  As I sweat more from running in the mid day sun I have been increasing my fluid intake and am aiming for 100+ ounces per day.  In addition I am adding more frozen Popsicles because the famous and smart Lindsey from Cotter Crunch told me they help cool my body temperature. 🙂

4.  Have a Plan.  When I run in the heat I always stay close to home and make sure to go no more than 2-3 miles out.  This way I know I am close enough to stop if I start feeling dehydrated or dizzy.  I also generally keep my runs shorter and do not attempt LR in the heat of the day.  I am also famous for getting lost so this step is incredibly crucial for me.

5.  Buddy Up.  I try to either run with someone or make sure someone knows my plan and knows exactly how long I plan to be gone and where I am planning to run.

What are your tips for training and racing in the heat?

I forgot to add eating iceream after every run. 🙂  I promise it helps and I have no problem taking all credit for letting you in on my secret and turning you into speed demon!!!

Is it still hot where you live?