Wacky Wardle’s Wednesday

First of all WOW!!  I am still in awe and so incredibly overwhelmed by the support, love, and caring comments I received on my injury post.  This community is so genuinely supportive and I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart.  It was difficult for me to open up about this and it would have been easy for any of you to say “I told you so” or “you deserve this as a badge of stupidity” but instead you were thoughtful, sincere, and loving.

THANK YOU!!  This may sounds ridiculous but I actually printed out all of the comments and I refer to them whenever I have a moment of doubt or am looking for advice.***

Second of all there are only two days left to vote for me for team Refuel.Please click HERE to vote.  Remember you can vote from multiple computers once per day.  Simply click Here, type in my name (Rachelle), and vote, vote, vote!!  Boston Registration opens for me on Friday and I am crossing my fingers I still have a chance to get in!!!***

Although this nagging little injury has been difficult and confusing it has taught me so much and I am truly grateful for the opportunity it has given me to reflect, learn and grow.  My body is trying to teach me and I am doing my best to listen.  I am stubborn, very stubborn and I do not like to be told what to do or how to do it!!  But I am listening and I am learning.

I have learned that I am not invincible and that I am indeed human. 

I have learned that my parents and family are capable of taking all of my pain away and making me laugh until I cry.  On Sunday I felt defeated and like nothing could possibly take away my pain.  But my pain was taken away and I laughed until my gut ached!

I have learned that being in a full time relationship with my foam roller isn’t all that bad, wearing compression sleeves 24/7 is socially acceptable (if you don’t mind the stares), and ice baths get better after the first 3 minutes. 🙂  Basically I have learned that I am not too busy to take care of my body and a little TLC goes a long way.

And most importantly I have learned that there really is more to life than running.

So Where do I stand?  I am definitely not out of the woods but I am feeling 100% better.  I took everyones advice.  I took time off from running, I rested, I iced, and iced, and heated, and rolled, and rolled, I did talk to a Doctor, and I even ellpiticized for hells sake!  And I will be running Napa Valley Ragnar.  It may be at my robot pace but I will be running and having a blast nonetheless.  I am also 99% confident that if I continue to be smart and listen to what my body is telling me I will still run that 3:20 in 17 days at St. George marathon.

Thank you for your unconditional support and please tell me you laughed at those pictures of my parents?

I am off to California at some awful hour of 3am or something tomorrow morning so I will be unplugged from the blogosphere for a bit.  I will try to catch up at my Aunts house tomorrow night and hopefully I’ll be able to update you all on if I get into Boston on Friday morning!
Fingers crossed!  🙂