Entertain Me (giveaway style)

As you are reading I am in route to Northern California.  It is a deathly boring 12 hour drive with absolutely nothing to look at and I am stuck with an eight year old child and an old man.  Kidding, kidding, the company is great but I am trying to get you to feel bad for me. 🙂

If you are seeing this post then I have entered the ranks of SR and Hungry Runner Girl because this is my first attempt ever at a “scheduled post.”

Since I am basically going to be stuck in a van for 96 hours  (12-13 hours driving to cali, 30 hours running ragnar, and 12-13 hours driving back.)  And I only packed enough food and people magazines to entertain me for about 6 hours I am going to need your help.  I get all of your comments on my phone and reading them may keep me from banging my head against the window. 🙂

This giveaway will be a guessing game and the prize will be an awesome “Running For Trevor” T-shirt and a bunch of other running stuff.  I’m thinking maybe an Active Band, some Cliff Shot blocks, and a “care package” for running. 🙂

There are only two ways to enter (only 1 comment please) and the giveaway will end Wednesday September 21st:
1.  Mandatory:  Become a follower of Running for Trevor and include this in your comment.
2.  Guess how many road kill I will get at Napa Valley Ragnar and what my team’s overall finish time will be.

Hint #1:  Road kill in Ragnar means people passed while running.  Every one person I pass counts as one road kill. 🙂  Remember I am planning to keep about an 8 minute mile pace and will be running 21 miles total.  There are 350 teams running Napa Valley Ragnar.

Hint #2:  My team’s average pace is between 8:40-9:10 and we will be running about 200 miles total.

The person who is the closest on road kill and my team’s overall finish time will win my awesome “care package” and believe me it is going to be great.  Heck maybe I’ll even bring you a bottle of wine back from Napa!!***

Now in a separate comment just for fun tell me something funny or interesting to entertain me during this long boring drive!!!
Also I have my alarm set for 2am tomorrow morning so I can run 2-3 miles before we leave by 4am.  Do you think I actually got up and ran?