Top 10

Phew…..I survived living in a van for 4 days and I am home (I’m even dumb enough to do it all over in 4 weeks at Vegas Ragnar) and alive to tell about it! ūüôā  Anyway my brain is far from functioning. I even forgot my address earlier and am still trying to figure out what time zone I live in.  So Since I’m operating on about a 4 year olds level and far from coherent enough to throw together a recap of Napa here are my top 10 highlights from the weekend.   It was such a freaking awesome weekend!!!

1.  I got an e-mail on the drive down Thursday from Team Refuel saying I was a WINNER of the grant!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the votes.  I seriously cannot even thank you enough!  Between reading your guesses on my giveaway and getting this news the drive out to Cali was awesome!

2.  I registered for Boston!!  I woke up early Friday morning and was on my aunts computer right at 7am.  I have not received e-mail confirmation yet but I am crossing my fingers and praying I get in.

3.  I got to meet the fabulous Jessica from reRun Running and I was seriously star struck!!  This girl is even more amazing in real life and it was so fun to meet her and her husband Jason!

4.  I got to meet the sweetest Hannah from A Happy Balance and she was so cute and I am so excited to start following her blog.

5.  I asked Sea Level to marry me and it accepted.  Seriously wow it loved me so much I was sucking in enough air to fill up a hot air balloon.  Howly oxygen overload, but man that was fun.

6.  My injury did not bother me to much and I ran with a big smile on my face the entire time.  Being injured reminds me of why I love running.

7.  Napa was freaking gorgeous!!  Seriously running through the vineyards was breathe taking.

8.  We finished!!!!!  I do not have an official time yet but we ran minus a runner and finished an hour faster than our projected time.

9.  The Utes beat BYU in football!!!  Sorry to all my BYU friends.  I still love you but I am a Utah fan through and through and that was just the icing on the cake of an awesome weekend.

10.¬† And last but definitely not least my amazing friend¬†Amy¬†BQ’d at her very first marathon ever!!¬† I may have been texting her obsessively and driving her crazy all day but boy am I so so happy for her.¬† I’m not sure if it was due to sleep deprivation or the fact that I ran 24 miles in 24 hours but I cried like a baby when I got her message about BQ’ing.¬†

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Brag and spill the beans.  I am behind on blogging, reading blogs and commenting but I will get caught up.  I have missed everyone so much!!