Don’t Stop Believing

Today’s workout:  20 minutes weights (chest & shoulders), 6 mile tempo run. 1 mile warm up & 1 mile cool down with 4 tempo miles @ 7:07 pace, 1% incline on the treadmill.***

“Believe you can succeed and you will.”

When I first started running I didn’t have a lot of self confidence.  I didn’t really believe in myself at all let alone ever dream of becoming a talented runner.  The thought of running a 5k was frightening, and even considering running any further was completely out of the question and daunting.

Running for me became like a drug and I was instantly addicted.  I remember running one day last fall and day dreaming about how amazing it would be to run a marathon.  The next day I remember watching the NYC marathon on TV and dreaming about someday running in the Boston marathon.  At that time it was really only a dream and the thought of actually accomplishing it was like a child dreaming of becoming an actress.  It was so unrealistic to me and felt so far out of reach!
It was also that day that I changed my mindset and I started to believe in myself.  That week on a complete whim Julia and I signed up for Utah Valley Marathon.  I was scared shitless!  But I paid my money, clicked that “submit” button and I committed.  From that day forward I never stopped believing in myself.  I worked my butt off, trained hard, suffered setbacks, and learned so much along the way.  I erased the fear and held tight to the once unrealistic dream of qualifying for Boston.

I know that 25,000+ people run the Boston Marathon every year.
And that to a lot of people it isn’t that big of a deal.
And that I am probably blowing this way out of proportion.
But to me it is so surreal and I feel so incredibly blessed and honored to be able to participate in such a historic event.
I got the e-mail at 6:25am Monday morning:  “Dear Rachelle Wardle,

This is to notify you that your entry into the 116th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16, 2012 has been accepted.”
I fell to my knees and cried.  I am still in shock and feel so incredibly overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. I am so honored to be apart of such an amazing event and more than anything I am so proud of myself for never quitting and for always BELIEVING!