Giveaway Winner & Eliminating Stress

Today’s Workout:  30 minutes weights, 5 miles treadmill, 1.5-2% incline, 7:53 AP***
Remember this Giveaway that I posted like forever in a life time ago?  In order to win you had to correctly guess my Napa Valley Ragnar teams finish time and my individual road kills.  Well My total road kill was 30 and Rangar finally posted the official finish time and our team finished in 26:08 (that is a 8:25 average pace)!!

The winner is…………Danielle from Healthy Happy Strong who guessed 42 road kills and a 26:42 finish time.  Great job Danielle!!  I could not have guessed it better myself.  E-mail me your address at and I’ll get you your goods sent.  I am throwing in a “Running For Trevor” T-shirt, a $15 i-tunes gift card, and 2 of my favorite cliff chomp blocks!  Thanks for playing and entertaining me!!

Everything I read about marathon tapering tells me that one of the most important things during the week of the marathon is to “eliminate added stress from your life”.  That phrase my friends is easier said than done. 

I generally like to think I handle stress incredibly well.  I mean after all I work in Management and the definition of my job title is:  fixer of all problems.  I am pretty used to dealing with problems 24/7 and I have been known to keep a pretty level head.  But the last few days have challenged even me and I am one of the most annoyingly optimistic people you will ever come across.  I do not like to complain on my blog because we all deal with stress and have problems right?  In fact I’m sure there are plenty of people dealing with much worse than what I am going through right now.

So lets focus on how I’m eliminating my stress instead.  Normally I would run until my hearts content and I’ve burnt out all of my frustration and fried all of my brain cells to the point I can’t even remember what I was stressed about in the first place.  But dam that stupid taper.

Instead I thought I would eat until my hearts content and force all of my family to stuff themselves like Thanksgiving Turkey’s as well.

And then I decided to take the stress out of my 18 month old nieces and nephews and beat them all at a game of steal the ball.  Even though they think they’re all cool because they can walk and stuff they ain’t got nothing on me.

And last but certainly not least I stuffed my dog in a Frog costume and am forcing her to wear the “costume of shame” until I am feeling better.  Freaking dogs, they’re lives are so easy!!!  Sleep, eat, make messes, repeat! 

Happy Monday Ya’ll!  I’m off to stuff myself in a pig costume and roll around in mud for the week.

Do you ever wish you were an animal?

Heck yes!  No one judges them if they’re overweight and they just get to sit around all day watching soap operas and sleeping.