Pre-Game Analysis

Today’s Workout:  2 mile shakity shake out.***

Marathon #3 in the morning.  In honor of  my Dad and his love for Basketball here is my pre-game analysis!

**The weather will be an issue:  Low 67/ High 91 with 5-10mph head winds predicted.  I have been running in low 50’s but I will do my best to just run my race and not let the heat effect me.

How I’m feeling compared to Utah Valley Marathon.

Fitness:  Feeling good and in better aerobic shape than UV.

Weight:  Down a solid 3lbs from UV.  Would like it to be more but not totally terrible.

Injuries:  Nagging shin/calve and hamstring pain since Mt. Nebo HM.  No injuries and minimal fatigue before UV.
Training:  Higher miles at lower pace and outside going into St. George.  Lots of medium long runs but not many 18+ mile runs.  Going into UV; less miles, on the treadmill faster speeds, three 20+ mile runs.

Mental Health:  I am more confident in my fitness and my training going into St. George however I have struggled with anxiety and fear due to multiple little injuries.
Conclusion:  Based on my training, and race predictions over the Summer I am capable of running a PR tomorrow.  I wish I had one more long run under my belt but with that said I know that my fitness is where it needs to be to PR.
1- Run a smart race.  I am fast enough to know how fast I’m not and that means pacing smart!  The goal is negative splits as the second half of the course is faster than the first half. 2-  Hydrate well!  I have a history of not hydrating appropriately and I cannot even risk that tomorrow with the heat.3- Find someone to pace with and have fun.  The plan is to stick with the 3:20 pace group and see what happens.

**My time goal is sub 3:30.  If I am having a freakishly awesome and perfect day I do think sub 3:20 is possible.  With that said it is A FREAKING MARATHON and anything can happen.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start.”Goodluck to everyone racing this weekend!!  Run hard, have fun, and remember Your feet hurt because your kicking ass!!