Memorable Moments

“We do not remember days; we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

After St. George Marathon I promised myself I would relax, take deep breaths, slow down, and take more time to live in the moment.  Leading up to the marathon I constantly found myself questioning the future or dwelling on the past.  Did I run enough?  Did I race too much?  Was I putting enough into school and work with all of the marathon stress?  Was I going to be disappointed if I did not meet my goals? 

I was stuck in the past, fearing the future, and forgetting to live in the moment.

This weekend I slowed down and savored the moment.  I did not think once about the past or stress about what I have coming up.  I just simply enjoyed each and every moment.

My weekend was full of many memorable moments and when I look back on my life I know I wont remember the days or the years but I always want to remember the moments.

What were your memorable moments from the weekend?

Also congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend!  I know there were tons of you and I hope you all accomplished your goals but more importantly I hope you cherished the moment.