Place Your Bet {GIVEAWAY}

Today’s Workout:  Weights (triceps) 20 minutes, 7.4 miles on the treadmill, 1-4% incline, 60 minutes.***

Guess what friends?  I’m off to Las Vegas this afternoon! 

I’m so excited I’ve nearly wet myself three times already this morning.  Whenever I hear the word “vacation” I instantly revert to a 4 year old mindset.  I am going to be gambling, getting my tan on (87 degrees in Vegas baby), people watching, eating a lot of crap, gambling, and oh yeah running in the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay!   Team “7 Studs and Their Showgirls” is ready to get they’re party on!

I’ve got my bikini packed.  That’s all I should need right?

Since I’m going to be busy all weekend hitting the slots I figured it’s only fair that I give you all a chance to place your bets too.

The giveaway is easy to enter.  Just place your bets on the questions below and the bidder that is the closest will win.  If I don’t lose all my money playing video poker with Julia I’ll bring you back something from Sin City and throw a bunch of running crap (Active band, Cliff Shot blocks, Chocolate #9) in the package as well.  I promise it will be an epic running prize package.

First:  Become of follower of Running For Trevor and let me know in the comments why you love me?  ha ha okay or just let me know your a follower. 

Second:  Guess what my team’s overall finish time will be?  *Hint*  The relay is 195 miles and our projected team pace is 8:26

Third:  Guess what superhero I will make an appearance as to run my night leg?  It’s close enough to Halloween to dress up right.
*Bonus points if you can give me your secrets to winning at the black jack table.*

The giveaway will end Monday October 24th.  I hope you get lucky!