Giveaway Winner

Today’s Workout:  6.25 miles easy, core work.  3 miles easy after work.***

Not to brag or anything but…….MY LV RAGNAR TEAM FREAKING ROCKED!

We took 32nd place out of 406 teams.  (Not to mention that I am 100% sure the first 2 teams are wrong and that would put us 30th.  Also most of those top teams were entered as “men” and we were a “mixed” team.)

Anyway we rocked and that is the bottom line.  Thanks for all of your comments on my recap.  I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement.  And for all those that were interested in the underwear man….well apparently he’s a fellow Utahan (and you thought all Utah people were conservative polygamists?)  Nope!  We are all just nuts!  I’m not sure if underwear man is married or not but I am working on finding out.  I’m fairly confident that together we could produce some pretty spectacular offspring.  Maybe a mini Joe Dirt, or spiderbaby or something.

Okay wow I am getting WAY off subject.  The only point of this post is to announce my teams finish time and the giveaway winner!  No one guessed my costume correctly but some one guessed our finish time exactly correct.  Holy smokes you guys are smart.
Our finish time was 27:25:01
Danielle from Happy, Healthy and Strong (who won my other guessing giveaway by the way) guessed 27:25!  Geez Danielle how could you have missed the 1 second?  Seriously girl you must be psychic and we must meet up in Boston so that you can rub all of your good luck off on me.
I already have your address so I will send you your package by Friday.  I am sending her a bunch of running goodies that I love.
1 Active Band headband
4 Gotein Samples

2 Chocolate #9 Gels

and 1 Nike sweatband

Congratulations Danielle!
Just one last thing.  I booked my flight to Boston today!  It is officially official and I am so excited.  Time for me to focus on staying healthy and enjoying some miles. 🙂  Please, please contact me if you live in Boston or are going to be there for the Boston marathon so that we can meet up.