Security Blanket

Today’s Workout:  upper body weights, 8.6 miles on the treadmill, 64 minutes***

I have been hiding under a blanket all weekend because it has been freezing in Utah.  brrr!  Sorry for my absence but I had a cold yet fabulous weekend and I hope that you all did to. 

We are fortunate here in Utah to get about 4-5 months straight of craptastic weather each year and unless your a skier it kind of freaking sucks.

Last year I used every excuse I could think of to not run outside.  I loved the treadmill (I still do).  I felt safe on the treadmill and it truly was my “security blanket”.  The only time I ever ran outside during the winter last year was races and most of those were epic fails!  The treadmill is a great device and I train on it four days a week.  But the treadmill does not stimulate altitude or craptastic weather.  And I know from experience that training on the treadmill definitely will not prepare you for a 5k in 5 degree weather, or a half marathon with a 25mph headwind.

So this year I’m working on breaking the habit of being a slave to the treadmill.  I know plenty of people may disagree with me on this point but in my opinion the treadmill is easier and more comfortable than running on the roads.  You plug in the number and run at whatever pace you plug into the machine, while outside you are always in control of your pace.  Now this is only my opinion but for me the treadmill had become my security blanket.  So last weekend I ventured outside and worked on taking off that security blanket. 🙂

 Friday morning when I woke up to 25 degree weather I suited up and headed outside for an easy run.  I was freezing the first few miles but after that I eased into a comfortable pace and ended up running 9 miles at a 7:53 pace.

Saturday when I woke up to 30 degree weather, rain, and 30mph winds I wanted so badly to drive myself to the gym and hop on my old faithful security blanket.  But I assessed and decided it wasn’t too dangerous so I headed outside.  This was one of the toughest runs I have ever done.  Just picture me running up a hill with the wind coming at me.  It seriously felt like I was going backwards and in extra slow motion.  But you know what I am pretty freaking proud of this run because I didn’t give up.  I ran against the wind for 10.3 freaking miles and it sucked but I did it and there is a lot of satisfaction in that.

Yesterday I woke up to rain, wind and 38 degree weather and again I headed outside for an easy 4 miles.  It was raining pretty hard but it was adventurous and fun.

And since I’m on a roll with shedding the security blanket and doing things outside of my comfort zone I jumped on the wild and crazy train and signed up for a 5k.  Yikes!

Anyone else running a turkey trot this Thanksgiving?

If you live in Utah you can sign up for this race here.

What do you guys think about the treadmill versus outside debate?

I am seriously interested in your opinions.  I am not joking when I say I used to be a slave to the treadmill but lately I am starting to fall in love with the adventure of running outside.