Beat The Holiday Bulge

Today’s Workout:  AM:  25 minutes weights/core, 8.15 miles, 60 minutes

PM:  20 minutes elliptical***

The holidays are officially upon us and I absolutely LOVE the holiday season.  It’s no secret that I am obsessed with my family.  And holiday time = extra family time + extra yummy treats + shopping + extra time off of work + pumpkin pie!  I’m no mathematician but I think this is a perfect equation for happiness?
With all of the excitement in addition to finals coming up for fall semester in school (anyone else a stress induced eater?) the Holiday’s can also bring with them stress, the glorious puffy cheek bloated look, and the dreaded Holiday bulge.

I am by no means trying to lose weight through the Holidays. Heck no!  But I am trying to maintain what I have worked my butt off to achieve the last couple of years.  Because lets face it, losing weight is freaking hard and if I can prevent myself from having to diet in the future I am all for it! 😉  Might as well nip it in the butt before you let it all unravel right?  Preventative care! I should totally be a Doctor.

How I’m planning to beat the bulge and avoid waking up looking like Jolly Old St. Nick:

1.  Holiday Booty Buster Challenge.  I am kind of competitive if you haven’t noticed so this challenge is perfect for me.  Basically the more you exercise the more points you get, and the more points you get the more chances you have to win.  If you haven’t signed up for this yet what are you waiting for?  Click here to join.  I added a new page where I will be tracking all of my points and my personal goal is 70 points a week.

2.  Holiday Weigh In.  Each year at work during the Holiday’s my department participates in the Holiday weigh in campaign through our Healthy Balance incentive.  Basically the goal is to maintain your weight through the Holiday’s and each week you are accountable to weigh in to stay on track with your goal.

3.  Healthy Snacking.  Instead of indulging in baked goods I will turn to my favorite snacks which are currently edamane chips and good2go protein bars.  Seriously if I have these in the house I will chose them over baked goods any day because they are just that good.  I think it is incredibly important to chose snacks that satisfy your cravings and the edamane chips satisfy my salty craving and the good2go bars my sweet craving perfectly.

4.  Power up the Produce.  Eating good foods over the holidays can be hard but this year I want to make sure I am getting all of my fruits and veggies in first before I have any desserts.  I don’t know about you guys but when I eat fruits and veggies regularly I feel healthier and am more energetic.

5.  Tell my friends and family about my goals over the holidays.  I used to be embarrassed and almost feel guilty about eating healthy.  How silly is that?  Like if I didn’t try every single dessert people were mocking me for being the annoying “healthy” person.  I think there are a lot better things to be embarrassed about and I might even set a better example for those around me by sharing my goals. 

I truly think that making it through the Holiday’s without gaining 5lbs is all about planning, shaking your booty a little extra, and remembering to use portion control.  We shall see how I do. 😉

How are you planning to beat the bulge this Holiday Season? Would you rather prevent the weight gain from happening or just gain it and then worry about it after the Holidays?

 Anyone else doing the Booty Buster Challenge?