Turkey Trot 5k Recap

oday’s Workout:  30 minutes weights, 9 treadmill miles, 70 minutes***

Yesterday I kicked my Thanksgiving festivities off with a 5k.  I absolutely HATE 5k’s and had a terrible attitude going into this race.  I didn’t know any friends running it, the sweatshirt they gave me was 5 sizes to small (they exchanged it for me after the race thankfully), I knew it was going to be hard, and quite frankly I lacked confidence.

I knew without a doubt that my current fitness indicated that I was capable of PR’ing but I was scared and somewhat afraid of failing.  I think this is a hard thing to get over for me and I am working on believing in myself more.  Anyway I got to the race early because I wanted to warmup.  Maybe I am getting old or something but lately it takes me a good 2-4 miles to feel like I can get my legs to move.

While warming up I met up with an incredibly friendly runner and we decided to run the course together as our warmup.  It was great to talk to him because it distracted me from being stressed about the race.  He was incredibly encouraging and reminded me to just have fun and enjoy myself.  What he said really resonated with me and I immediately changed my mindset.  As soon as we were done with our warmup we lined up and it was off to the races.

Mile 1:  6:16  There were a little over 800 runners and about 10-15 girls darted out in front of me.  I held back for the first half of the mile but then decided to push it because it felt like everyone else around me was.  I passed about 5 girls after the first half of the mile and felt pretty good.  Once the mile clicked I was cursing at myself because I knew I had started out too fast.

Mile 2:  6:38  This might sound silly but I focused on slowing down for the first half of the mile.  An elite runner friend of mine told me that the first 2 miles of a 5k should be “comfortably hard” and I was feeling anything but comfortable.  My breathing was crazy like I was having an asthma attack or something so I slowed down, focused on my form and my breathing.  There are also about 10 turns in this one mile so that definitely kept it interesting.

Mile 3:  6:42  I was fading and paying for starting out to fast.  I just dug deep and told myself to keep pushing.  I kept thinking about how Julie my friend would not let me quit and I just kept on moving and praying it would be over soon.

last .14:  5:51  I looked up at the clock and saw that it was still in the 19’s!  I pushed as hard as I possibly could and finished incredibly strong.

Garmin Results:  3.14 miles, 20:09, 6:29 pace.  This was a difficult course to run the tangents perfectly because of all of the turns so I completely blame the off mileage on myself.

Official Results:  3.11 miles, 20:10, 6:29 pace.  (the race was not chip timed so I am thinking I crossed the start line about a second behind the gun) 5th place female, 2nd in my age group.  The girl in my age group that beat me’s time was 20:10.01 and my time was 20:10.09.  I think I need to get more competitive.

I was disappointed in my time at first because I felt that if I had paced smarter I could have cracked 20 minutes.  But I did set a 5k PR by 45 seconds and a course PR by 2 minutes and 38 seconds so I cannot be disappointed in that.  I also pushed myself outside of my comfort zone by signing up for this race all by myself and doing something that for me is very hard.  There is so much satisfaction in doing hard things and in the end it is always worth it.  Running is hard but the satisfaction I get from overcoming personal barriers is so incredibly worth the experience.  Running has taught me many lessons but the most important is that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.  We can do hard things!

This is definitely a race I will never forget because I was able to overcome negativity and make it an incredibly positive and exciting experience.  I will also have a new goal to break 20 minutes at my next 5k. 🙂

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and is resting up today.  I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who reads my silly little blog and continues to support me.  I have so much to be thankful for today and everyday and I feel so incredibly blessed.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Anyone race on Thanksgiving?  Tell me about it.