26.55 Random Thoughts

Today’s Workout:  5 miles, 39 minutes***

I am so mixed up on my days right now so please bare with me.  I am also 100 years behind on reading blogs and I know there is some GREAT stuff going on so please be patient with me as I catch up.  Since I’m behind I will announce the winners of the Good2Go bar giveaway tomorrow.  You have an extra day to enter so click  here and get on that if you haven’t entered already.

Now lets rewind shall we?  As a few of you may know I made a very last minute decision to run a fourth marathon in 2011.  Yes I started running in Summer of 2010, ran my first 5k in June, and since have ran 4 full marathons<———-RUNNERD

Anyway I had an amazing opportunity to run this race with my friend Julia and I jumped at the chance to share this journey with her.  I would love to write a much more reflective post on this experience but I will have to get to that later when I have more time and brain cells.  For now in no particular order here are 26.55 random things I can remember from the Las Vegas weekend!

1.  I really dig Vegas.  The energy, the vibe, the bright lights. Something about it just instantly feels me with endorphins (maybe it’s the oxygen they pump into the casino’s?) and I just love all of it.

2.  I have the most amazing friends a girl could ask for.  I had so much fun with Heather, Travis, and Julia.

3.  Food in Vegas is ridiculously overpriced.  Shopping however is great and I could shop there all day and all night.  Seriously obsessed just a bit with the shopping.

4.  Meeting up with a bunch of bloggers was really cool.  Really neat to see how blogging has come full circle and to realize how much it has changed me for the good.

5.  Running on the strip Saturday morning before the race was exhilarating.  There were so many runners out and it was so exciting to meet new people from all over the world that share a common passion.

6.  Pumpkin Butter from Trader Joe’s is quite possibly the most delicious thing ever made.  I wish I had bought more.

7.  I bought a new running shirt at Target before the race just so that I could attempt to match Julia.

8.  Running a night race was odd but it didn’t effect me as much as I thought it would.

9.  The beginning of the race was exciting and I was looking forward to seeing what this “big race” thing was all about.

10.  I started out wearing my Payson Onion Days long sleeve and gloves.  I threw the shirt at mile 3 and wore the gloves clear until mile 22.

11.  I did not feel like I was really “pacing” Julia in this race.  She is a very smart runner and knows exactly how to pace herself.  To me it was just an incredibly exciting opportunity to experience a shared passion with one of my best friends.

12.  The first half of the race was incredibly boring.  We turned maybe 50 times and there was just nothing exciting to look at.  Luckily we had each other and that made the miles fly by.

13.  I enjoyed the first half of the race much more than the second half because Julia and I were able to stay side by side and talk.

 14.  Julia is a freaking rock star and scaled all of the hills in the first half like they were no big deal.  We would pass masses of people on all of the uphill sections.

15.  We hit the halfway mark at 1:59 and right behind the 4 hour pace group.

16.  We were both so excited to finally get to the “fun” part of the race.  But as soon as we turned onto the strip all hell broke lose.

17.  My throat is still sore from yelling “Half Marathoners to the right……PLEASE!!”

18.  The logistics of the race were horrendous.  I know you’ve already heard this but it is worth restating.  I felt like I had let Julia down.  I wanted to protect her and pave a way through the herd of people for her.  But I could not.  It was out of my control and that was very hard for me to accept.

19.  I spent about 5-6 miles in the middle feeling frustrated that I could not do something about the situation.

20.  I might be small but I am feisty!

21.  There were 45,000 people that ran both races.  Me and Julia probably passed 30,000.  We may have seriously set a road kill record.

22.  Time goals in races are not important.  What is important is staying strong and never losing focus.  I was incredibly inspired by how focused Julia was the entire race.  She never quit!  She could have.  It was so frustrating.  She could have slowed down and she could have quit but she didn’t.  Such an amazing example that girl is.

23.  Marathons are hard.  I would be telling a terrible lie if I tried to tell you that this race was easy for me. 

24.  My friend Heather completely rocked the marathon and set a 12 minute PR finishing in 4:02.  If her tangents would have been correct she would have been sub-4 and I am so incredibly proud of her strength.  Heather is a fighter.  She is strong and she definitely proved that to me in this race.

25.  My cousin Travis finished the half in 1:33!!!  He was 400/38,000.  He is an amazing runner and I hope he understands how proud of him I am and how much he inspires me. 

26.  I think I can now consider myself an Ultra Runner since my garmin clocked 26.55 miles.  What do you guys think?

.55.  Crossing the finish line with my bestest friend and watching her accomplish something so great is absolutely unforgettable.  We crossed the finish line in 4:05 together just like we started this running journey together a year and a half ago.

What an amazing and unforgettable experience.  Marathon #4 will go down in the record books as my absolute favorite and most memorable.