Giveaway Winners & Pay It Forward

Today’s Workout:  25 minutes weights, 20 min elliptical, 5 treadmill miles, 40 minutes.***

 Winner #1 of the Good2Go bars is Courtney from Nerd on The Run.

Winner #2 is Ann from Twelve in Twelve

Congratulations ladies!!  e-mail me at rachelle.wardle@imail and I will get Casey your address to send you a sample of the bars.  Thank you to everyone who entered.
Whoa I was working on a post and my power went out and I lost everything.  Anyway you all are pretty lucky because I swear the marathon on Sunday burned the small remainder of braincells I had left. 

Marathon + no sleep + fueling my body solely on diet coke and protein bars = Rachelle’s little brain disappearing.

In the last 24 hours I have:

Popped my hood instead of the gas tank in an attempt to fill my car with gas.

Parked at my parents neighbors house thinking it was theirs and called my Dad frustrated because the darn garage code he gave me was not working!  You should have seen the neighbors staring at me.

Forgot my facebook password completely and had to set up a new one.

Parked my car under my neighbors parking stall instead of my own. (I’ve lived in the same place for 3.5 years.)

And forgot 3/4 of the things on my list at the grocery store.  I did somehow come home with popcorn and more diet coke though so all is well in the world. 🙂

I am totally on a role.  You should probably rub me to keep the streak going.   This girl needs to recharge the little noggin so instead of reading more of this post I bring you Pay It Forward from one year ago today.  I challenge you to read this post and think about ways that you can pay it forward this Christmas season.  Each and every one of us will hit a point in our life when we need help.  If you are able to help others this holiday season please pay it forward.

Ever had a day like mine today?