Wordless Wednesday Christmas Edition

Today’s Workout:  25 minutes weights, 7.1 miles running, 55 minutes***

You knew this wasn’t going to be completely wordless right?

I hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas.  It has obviously taken me awhile to get back into my routine and back to blogging.  I have absolutely no excuse because I have just been playing, playing, and playing nonstop with my awesome family.

My sister has all of the good pictures so I may shower you with more once I get my hands on hers.

And those are the only two “Christmas” pictures I have.  The rest of my time was spent playing with and trying to out run (yeah right) my 4 favorite kids in the whole entire world.

 And then to top off all of the fun we went to the zoo where we fit right in.  Even though it was only -4 degrees out the zoo lights were pretty cool.

And I have never been so happy to smell snake poop, and lizard guts in my life all because it was the only exhibit indoors.  Those reptiles really have things figured out.

I hope that Santa brought you everything you wanted but more importantly I hope you enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

Tell me something you got for Christmas?

Santa brought me a kitchen aid mixer and I have no idea how to use it.  I will definitely be blog stalking to find me some new recipes.