So Random It’s Ridiculous

Today’s Workout:  25 minutes weights, 7.25 miles nice and easy
I keep sitting down to blog and all of the seemingly genius topics I create in my head seem to suddenly completely escape my memory.  Quite honestly I just haven’t had anything inspiring or interesting to say lately.  My life has seriously been incredibly boring.

In an vast attempt to keep this little blog here a float and as my only journal here are a few things that have been consuming my mind and my time as of late.

Basketball.  All that the month of January really means to me is basketball.  And boy do I love my basketball.  Even though my personal WNBA hopes and dreams were shot to shit when my growth stunted at the ripe age of 7 I am the most dedicated fan you will find.  Girls basketball games twice a week, Jazz games 4-5 days a week, and mocking Metta “Worldpeace” in between.  Tis officially the season and as Hot Rod would say “you gotta love it, baby!”

Nutrition.  As I am shifting towards a cleaner diet I have become ridiculously obsessed with studying nutrition.  After being raised on a candy bar a day (anyone that knows my Mother can totally vouch for this) it has been incredibly exciting to learn more about nutrition and fueling properly for my training.  In 2011 I eliminated fast food from my diet, 2012 I am successfully eliminating chocolate candy, and I think by 2013 I will be ready to make the big jump and eliminate all processed foods.  It has seriously been amazing to me how much better I feel when I eat clean!

Boston.  After watching the olympic trials on Saturday I started to get really excited about running the Boston marathon.  I know I am not an elite runner and have no career in marathoning but visualizing being apart of such an epic event keeps me day dreaming for hours.

Running Smart.  I have been sidelined with some minor calve/shin pain similar to this injury from the fall and it has reminded me to listen to my own advice and remember the bigger picture.  My workout tomorrow or my 10k next Saturday really don’t matter.  What does matter is staying healthy for the bigger picture and the bigger picture for me is the Boston Marathon.  (Basically typing all this section just for me.  I am stubborn and telling others what to do proves to be much easier than doing it myself.)

And to make this post even more ridiculously random since there is absolutely no rhyme or rhythm to any of the content here is a quote I read today that I love.

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.”

Happy Wednesday Everyone!