11 Random Things

Today’s Workout:  25 minutes weights, 8 miles running – 63 minutes

Alright you’ve all seen the “11 Random Things” going around the bloggity blog world right?  Last week Stef from Run-On so generously tagged me to play along so here goes.
11 random facts about me – I’m pretty sure if you’ve been following me for awhile you already know way too much about me so I will try make these new things…..okay or just weird things.

1.  I am incredibly ocd about everything and especially routine.  I eat the same foods everyday at the exact same time, go grocery shopping the same time each week, wake up at the exact same time each morning….you get the point!  I have massive anxiety when my routine gets thrown “off”.

2.  I do not like eating out.  I do usually eat out 1-2 times a month with my family but I would so much rather eat at home.

3.  I honestly think my parents are the funniest people alive. Don’t you?

4.  I suck at grammar.  Their, they’re, there, you, you’re, you are $#%@!  Yeah um just don’t count on me ever using any of it right.  By some miracle I did get an A in college English but I have no idea how……

5.  I am ridiculously cheap.  I shop clearance racks only, clip coupons, and my favorite store is the dollar store.

6.  In High School I could barely run a 13 minute mile.  I almost failed PE.  True Story. Sad day.

7.  I hate leaving my little furbaby Izzy each morning when I go to work.

8.  I once won a huge trophy in a 4H sewing competition.  mad skillz!

9.  I can stay in a headstand position for over 15 minutes…..and some wonder why I have no brain cells.

10.  I used to run on the elliptical for one hour each day in college and now I can barely last 5 minutes.

11.  I am obsessed with Yogurt Cones from Maverick.

 Questions from Stefanie:Football or Baseball?  100% baseball.  Love it!
Would you rather run 50 miles or do 5000 push ups?  Definitely 5,000 pushups.
Where were you born?  Pocetello, ID  (hopefully going back to my place of birth to run the marathon this fall.)
What do you think is your strangest habit?  I have so many!  Maybe the fact that I have to have cottage cheese with dinner every night no matter what I eat.  That one is just a little odd.   
What did you want to be when you grew up?  An actress, a singer, or a gymnast.
If you had to run outside, and could only take ONE item (This includes clothing. You would be naked, essentially) what would it be?  Underwear.  Oh me oh my definitely some big ole granny panty undies.  Can’t risk being seen without my granny panties on.
If you could have any kind of furbaby, what would you get?  I honestly think one furbaby is more than enough for me.
Favorite dessert? (greek yogurt, or anything remotely healthy, does not count as dessert)  Strawberry short cake
If you won the lottery today, what would you with your winnings?  Build a huge house with an indoor track and Yogurtland inside.
If you had to choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Turkey Sandwich
Sushi, like it or hate it?  Honestly never tried it and don’t really ever care to.

Well now you all know how incredibly dull, boring, and weird I really am.  If you haven’t been tagged yet feel free to play along.