Boston Trip Days 1&2

I am going to journal my entire trip to Boston because I really want it for my records.  I am going through some major post vacation, post marathon depression so hopefully writing about our adventure will help boost my spirits.  This blog has basically turned into my journal but feel free to follow along and read about our adventures if you’d like.  I know my Sister will be reading right Amber? ūüėČ

We got into Boston around 5:30pm on Thursday night and made our first attempt at figuring out the subway system.  My Mom is from a ghost town of about 100 people and I grew up in small town as well so navigating the big city life was definitely a little intimidating.  Fortunately we met an incredibly nice (and very good looking) Bostonian who noticed how naive looking we were and took complete pity on us.  He helped us get to our hotel and we were feeling like complete rockstars after our 3 different colored subway transfers.

Once we got settled into our hotel¬†we got¬†straight to our first order of business……finding a shopping center!¬† Luckily we found a¬†Ross and a Target¬†.7 miles away from our Hotel.¬† We were in heaven.

Friday morning I woke up and went running.  I was just slowly slogging along when all of a sudden I realized I was on the campus of Harvard!!  I was in awe.  It was absolutely gorgeous and made me feel smart for a brief minute.  I snapped some pictures, walked around for a bit and then that minor smartness was shattered once I realized I had managed to get myself completely lost.  Luckily Bostonians are very nice people and helped direct me back to my hotel.

As soon as I found my way back to the hotel and my Dad got into town we hit up the city.¬† My Dad is a total¬†trooper and even though he flew in on the red eye and hadn’t slept a wink¬†he didn’t want to waste a second.

We bought the Old Town Trolley guided tour package and it was such a smart investment.  We were able to hop on and off of the trolley the entire three days we were in Boston.  It was perfect.  The drivers talked about the history of Boston the entire time and were incredibly helpful with showing us where everything was around the city.

For the most part we stayed on the Trolley the first day and just enjoyed the guided tour of the city.  We made our first stop at the famous Christian Science church because I was starving and eyed a Cheesecake Factory. 

After lunch we went to the Prudential Building and saw the view of the city from the very top.  Then we hopped back on the trolly and enjoyed more sight seeing.

Later that night after sight seeing all day we headed to the race expo.¬† I think we picked the perfect time to go to the expo because it wasn’t too crowded and we had a lot of fun walking around, hording samples, and talking to other runners.¬† It was by far the biggest expo I have ever been to and they had a really cool video about the Boston Marathon that me and my Dad sat down and watched.

After the expo fun we hopped on the subway and made our way back to the hotel.  My Dad was wiped out at this point after no sleep and walking around sight seeing for 10 hours straight.  This worked out perfectly because he went to bed and me and my Mom walked about a mile to a new shopping center we found. ūüôā

More to come soon on Boston Days 3&4.