Boston Trip Day 3

I am continuing to journal my Boston trip.  If you just want to read about the main event, the Boston Marathon click here.

Saturday morning after sleeping in a bit we road the hotel shuttle downtown to enjoy a Harbor Boat Cruise.  While talking over the weekend about our trip me and my Mom both agreed that the boat cruise was one of our favorite parts of the vacation.  It was so so relaxing, enjoyable, and scenic.   It also gave us a whole new perspective of the city. 

After the boat cruise and adequately filling our bellies we walked around Quincy Market place and the North End.

Then we hopped back on the trolley and headed to the Old Statehouse Museum of Science.  I thought I would be bored to tears at the museum but it was actually really cool to learn more about the Boston Massacre.  My Dad is like a walking History book and knows every single detail so it was nice to have him there to explain things.

The museum was more than enough History for me and my Mom for one day so we parted ways with my Dad.  He headed to walk the Freedom Trail while we searched the streets for a shopping mall.  But first we headed to the finish line area of the marathon to scope things out.  I knew I would be delirious when running in so figured I better get a good look at it while I was still standing.

It was really fun to walk around the finish area and talk to runners about the crazy heat advisory e-mails we were getting from the BAA. 

Our next item of business was finding a place to shop and look for a few souvenirs.  But instead we got completely lost and ended up in China Town.  Oops!  Luckily a nice Bostonian spotted us and noticed our idiocy. He was kind enough to point us in the right direction and walk us the 3 miles to the Prudential shopping center.  After walking around lost nearly 5-6 miles and then walking 3 more to the mall we were so dang tired by the time we got there all we wanted to do was go back to the hotel.

Once we navigated our way (after walking another 1-2 miles) through the Subway system and got back to our hotel me and my Mom went straight to sleep.  We were so exhausted!  My Dad had so much fun walking the Freedom Trail and exploring he didn’t get home that night until around 10pm.