Post Marathon Recovery – Picture Addition

It has been exactly two weeks from today that I ran the Boston Marathon.  Hard to believe that only two short weeks ago I was in the amazing city of Boston racing through the historic streets!  I want to go back already. ūüôā

In the past I have made the major mistake of jumping right back into fast running and racing immediately post marathon.  Running a marathon is exhilarating and exciting and sometimes it is incredibly hard to fight the urge to jump right back in the saddle.  But this time around I am trying to be wiser and a little kinder to my body so I have taken the recovery phase a little bit more serious. 

Which has lead me to run for the pure enjoyment of running.  I am so so thankful for this recovery period to remind me why I run.  I run to explore, I run to relax and self reflect, I run for fun and because I truly love running!  Recovery has been so so good for me not only physically but mentally as well.  I will  let the pictures of my adventures tell the rest of the story.

The week after Boston I ran as slow as my body needed to go and did not crack a 9 minute per mile pace.  It was so nice to just relax and let my body control the effort.  I ran many of the same paths I have ran before but since I wasn’t focused on pace I was overwhelmed instead by the beauty that surrounded me.

 I have spent lots of time exploring and soaking in the pure thrill of running.  I rarely run with music but during these recovery days I have definitely been running sans music.  The natural sounds around me and my light and soft foot strike has truly seemed magical.  Last week I naturally broke into the 8 minute pace and just ran base mileage.

And to keep the “fun run” streak going I ran the awesome Color Me Rad race with my sister on Saturday.¬† So much fun!!

In addition to resting more, running slower, and embracing the pure beauty of the Utah outdoors recovery has also included:
1.  Increasing my protein and taking an iron supplement. 
2.  Sleeping more, icing more, compressing more, rolling more, and practicing the preventative care I have always been taught but rarely abide by as a runner.
3.¬† More quality time spent relaxing and laughing with family.¬† Laughter is truly the best medicine and if you laugh hard enough it even works those ab muscles. ūüôā

So whats up next for me?  I am recovering really well from Boston and physically feel about 99% recovered.  I am still feeling a bit low on energy but after being on the iron supplement for 10 days I can feel my energy levels coming back to normal.  I attempted my first speed workout on Saturday after 12 full days of easy running and will be trying my cards at a 5K this weekend.  Wish me luck because I have a feeling I am going to need it.