Run of Remembrance 10k Recap

I feel incredibly fortunate to live in a community that advocates running and living a healthy and active lifestyle in support of wonderful causes.  For the 2nd year in a row our local running store 26.2 held the Free Run of Remembrance Race.  This event includes a 10k/5k/1mi and is completely free to the public. All donations if you chose to donate go to war veterans.  It is such a fun, family friendly event and such a great way to honor those that have sacrificed so much and served our country.

I decided to race the 10k and my sister decided to race the 5k.  We met up with tons of friends at the start and it truly had a real “fun run” feel.  I really enjoyed being surrounded by new and excited runners, elite runners, experienced runners, kids, grandma’s & grandpas, and just an amazing mix of people. It was such a great, great, vibe!  Runners truly are so friendly and I could literally hangout with runners all day long and never be bored for a split second. 

Race:  I had no real plan for the race besides getting a good tempo workout in.  I have been recovering from a cold and dealing with some pain in my left foot so I knew that I needed to be smart and not risk getting injured before my marathon in 10 days.  I also knew the course was incredibly hilly so I was just looking forward to having fun and getting a good workout in surrounded by runners.  Perfection in my opinion!  I managed a 1 mi warm up despite all the fun I was having chatting before the gun went off.  Once the race started I went out a little fast trying to swerve past 5k runners but quickly settled into a comfortably hard pace.  6:50, 6:57, 7:20, 6:58, 6:44, 6:25, 6:02 with an overall time of 42:31/6:51 pace.  I felt like it was the perfect effort and with all of the hills in the first four miles it was definitely a great workout!

My Sister ran the 5k in 27 minutes and I was so excited to hear her time when she met me at mile 6 of my race.  Pretty impressive considering she is 20 weeks pregnant and rarely trains.  She is such a natural athlete and I am so incredibly proud of her.

My parents also totally surprised us by showing up at the finish line.  I truly have the most amazing family ever and I never want to take that for granted for one second.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my parents screaming and cheering at the end of a race, nothing!  It doesn’t matter how well or terrible I perform but having them there means the world to me and always reminds me that it isn’t necessarily the race that matters the most.  It is more about the person I have become and the relationships I have built since I started running that truly resonate with me.

Yesterdays race was such a great reminder to me of why I run.  I run because I can.  I run for those that cannot run.  I run for my brother, for the fallen soldiers that fought they’re lives for our freedom, and for so many others who are not physically capable of running.  I run for you and I never want to take one single step for granted!

After the race we headed out to Eureka for the evening to spend time at Trevor’s grave and celebrate my Grandpa’s Birthday.  It was an absolutely gorgeous and peaceful night and the perfect ending to a wonderful Holiday weekend.

Have a great week everyone!  It is officially shorty shorts, Sunglasses, watermelon, popsicle, BBQ, corn on the cob, swimming season!  Awwww Summer!