I’ve been really busy having FUN!!

I’ve never been the brightest crayon in the box but if there is one thing I have learned since my brother passed away and as I get older it is to cherish and enjoy every single moment of life!   

As the title reads I’ve been really busy the past two weeks having fun with my family and friends and just genuinely living life to the fullest.  Rather than thinking about or anticipating “whats next” I’ve just taken some time to disconnect, relax, and live in the moment!  Sometimes having kids around is the best medicine for adults and I have been so incredibly lucky to have my cousin Dillon staying with me the past two weeks.  This amazing kid continues to teach me through his example, strength, attitude, and love of life. I will forever be grateful to have him in life and to be able to learn from him each day.

I know that I say this in like every other post but it is worth mentioning again that my family freaking rocks!  Although Summer is flying by way too fast for my liking I have really, really enjoyed it so far.  So many awesome moments and I am really looking forward to continuing to create some awesome memories. I am so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family.

I hope you are having an amazing Summer too and that you are taking some time to embrace and enjoy every moment.