Run Through the Lavenders Half Marathon Recap

I was very excited about this race this year and had been looking forward to it since Utah Valley Marathon.  I took time off from hard workouts after the marathon and then began training (with what little time I had) for this race as a key race.  You can read the full recap of the race on My Training Blog.  I will not rewrite it but it is totally worth the read! 

 Two short years ago this race was my first ever 5k so it will always hold a very special place in my heart.  It is the race that began this complete madness of a running journey for me! When I heard they added a half marathon this year I was thrilled.  The race begins in Goshen canyon and the first mile is on dirt trail. Next you enter onto the highway and weave around Mona Reservoir for 9 miles, finally finishing the final 3.1 in the lavender fields on dirt trail.  It is a tough course with 30% ran on trail and a net elevation gain. 

One of the many perks of this race is that it is only about 12 miles from my house.  There is nothing quite like running a race in your own backyard and I was even fortunate enough to have the famous Jake & Andrea stay with me Friday night.  I prayed that having them in my home would somehow make some of their speed rub off on me.  A far cry as I knew the next morning I would be toeing the line with the best of the best in the State of Utah.  Something must have worked because I ran this race much faster than I had anticipating finishing in 1:28:53.  Going into the race I felt I was in shape for 1:32 in perfect conditions.  But add in awesome competition (seriously the best in the state), determination, and a little confidence in myself and I completely exceeded my expectations.

  This was such a great day and one of those races that I will never forget and keep going back to each year.  Young Living Farms really puts on an awesome event and the greatest thing about it is it just keeps getting better each year.  The race organization is flawless, the prize money for overall and age group winning is awesome, and the events afterwards are a lot of fun and family friendly.  I really cannot say enough good things about this race.