For the Love of Running

I love running.  LOVE IT!

After TOU Marathon I was injured and it was utterly miserable.  I cried, I whined, I complained, I completely over reacted and thought my world was crashing down!  When I saw someone running I was jealous, when my friends were racing I was envious.

For two years much of my life was dedicated to running and becoming a strong athlete and suddenly I was stripped of what I felt like had become part of my identity.  It took me far too long to put my feet up and actually accept the injury, but once I did I realized it was truly a blessing in disguise.

My body was screaming for a break and mentally I was burnt out on hard training.  I was also in need of a great life lesson.  There is truly something to be gained from every good and bad situation and experience in life if only we stop, slow down, open our eyes and seek the opportunity to learn and grow.  What I learned was a great sense of gratitude for my body.  Gratitude that it allows me to run, to compete, and to be strong and healthy.  More so what I learned is that I am much more than a runner.  Running is a wonderful part of my life but it is only a small fraction of who I am.  I am a runner but I am also a friend, an Aunt, a daughter, a sister, a Supervisor, a shopaholic, and a lover of life and adventure!

I have been back to running for awhile now but it is with a new perspective, a deeper level of appreciation, and a greater sense of gratitude.  I am truly running for the pure love of running!  And boy does it feel good to run my old routes and genuinely appreciate my surroundings.

No training plan, no pressure, just loving my ability to run as far or as fast as I feel like running.  Running to build relationships with my running friends and enjoying and loving the amazing outdoors that comes with it! 

So will I refocus my training and go after my goals in 2013?  Absolutely!  But it will be with a new perspective and deeper sense of gratitude.  For right now I am perfectly content with just running for the love of running.