The Best Christmas Gifts Are Free

I truly love the spirit and the energy of the Holiday season.  I love the Christmas music, the parties, the yummy treats, staying up until midnight playing games with my siblings, laughing until the wee hours of the morning, and most importantly just spending time with the people I love.

As I flipped through my recent photos on my phone it really resonated with me that the best things in life truly are free.  When I think back on my childhood my favorite Christmas memories have nothing to do with gifts.  My fondest memories are all from quality time spent with my loved ones.  Just being together and spending time with people you love is what Christmas is all about.  Thanks Mrs. Cotter for the free inspiration today.

Free snuggles with my nephew after a cold and snowy winter run.

 Free trip to Scheels with the family.  Free entertainment that the kids would have believed was Disneyland if we didn’t tell them any different. 😉

The best things in life truly are free.  As the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season approaches keep in mind that the things we often remember are time spent together and moments that are free of cost and free of worry.

What free things are you enjoying this Holiday Season?