I Resolve To

Thank you for the incredibly kind, supportive, uplifting, and understanding comments on my last post.  I feel very fortunate to have such a great support system and it is so reassuring to feel love and comfort on so many levels and from so many people.

2013 is officially upon us and it is a great time to reset, re-asses, re-prioritize, and move forward with passion, love, and a clearer perspective.  There is just something incredibly freeing and refreshing about starting a new year.  No matter where you are at in your life you can always start over and move forward right?  I’ve made countless mistakes in my past but fortunetely these mistakes do not define me and it is how I respond and move forward that truly matters.  I cannot go back and change or re-write my history but I do have the power to pave the way for my future.  Here is a short list of 13 things I resolve to do in 2013:

  • I resolve to laugh more and stress less.
  • I resolve to study more and shop less.
  • I resolve to indulge more and feel guilty about indulging less.
  • I resolve to appreciate more and complain less.
  • I resolve to forgive myself for mistakes I have made in my past more and feel guilty less.
  • I resolve to serve and help others more and think about myself less.
  • I resolve to run for fun and enjoy my surroudings more and run fast less.
  • I resolve to slow down, have fun, enjoy more and worry less.
  • I resolve to connect with friends in real life more and waste time on social media less.
  • I resolve to love myself more and criticize my imperfections less.
  • I resolve to be a positive example to those around me more and gossip less.
  • I resolve to spend time with loved ones more and watch TV less.
  • I resolve to open my heart, trust more and fear less. 

I resolve to always progress forward without looking back and to be the very best me that I can be in 2013.  The best runner, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, supervisor and person I am capable of being.  I cannot go back and re-write my past but I can control my future.  I can dream big, live boldly with passion, embrace love and write my own story.

What do you resolve to do in 2013?